Product Insurance

The subject of insurance is the item purchased from the policyholder, for which the following types of insurance are offered:

  • Extension of warranty
  • Damage and theft

The subject of insurance can be an item used for personal or professional purposes. The subject of insurance cannot be a product that was already damaged at the time of purchase, or a product intended for presale. The insurance can be paid out only once every year, up to the limit of liability. Extended warranty insurance applies to: financial loss for the insured subject caused by electric or electronic restrictions or loss of function in the insurance period. The insurance covers the same risks and liabilities as a statutory warranty. Insurance benefits take the form of the repair or exchange of the product for the same or an equivalent newer model.

What does this insurance not cover?

In particular, extended warranty insurance does not apply to:

  • loss caused by the use of incorrect or defective software,consumer materials, damage to items caused by bad operation, unprofessional orinadequate manipulation, use and installation that are inconsistent with the user manual,
  • damage to an item by overvoltage in the grid (e.g. by lightning), excluding common deviations,
  • damage to the item during any activity for which it is not intended and/or commonly used, even if not explicitly stated in the operation manual,
  • incorrect installation or actualisation of BIOS or other firmware,
  • damage to items caused by the elements or force majeure

So where does the insurance cover me?

The insurer provides insurance benefits in the country where the insured party bought the insured item (i.e. the Czech Republic), regardless of where the damage took place.

What are my obligations?

As the insured party, you are particularly obliged to:

  • take necessary measures to prevent the insured event,
  • immediately report any insured event at:
  • in the case of theft, provide a report of the event issued by the Police of the Czech Republic. The report must be issued to the product owner whose name is specified in the invoice.

The period of insurance coverage:

starts with the moment of the purchase of goods at Extended warranty insurance starts on the day following the end of statutory warranty for the item that the insurance covers.

The insurance ends on the day agreed on by the insurer and the insured party, in the case of the destruction or theft of the insured product, once the insurance payment has been made, or in the case where the insured party withdraws from the sales contract during the statutory warranty period due to a warranty claim.

How can I withdraw from the contract:

By terminating the insurance within 14 days of its start. In such case, the total amount of money paid for the agreed insurance will be returned to you.

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