A new robotic vacuum cleaner from the Czech brand Salente offers 3-in-1 function: vacuum cleaning, mopping, and disinfection using an in-built UVC lamp – all at the same time. With SMART gyroscopic navigation and easy-to-control operation using the Czech-language mobile app, we guarantee that cleaning is quick and high-quality.


SMART gyroscopic navigation = more efficient cleaning

Gyroscopic navigation significantly decreases the number of repeated runs and ensures better orientation within the space, thereby reducing the time necessary for cleaning. It allows the robotic vacuum cleaner to cover almost 100% of the cleaning space, automatically recognizing when its job is done. Afterwards it returns to the charging station. In addition, this model also communicates with the SMART app, which contains e.g. a scanned layout of the rooms.


Perfect disinfection thanks to UV-C radiation

The robotic vacuum cleaner Salente G4 is equipped with a modern UVC lamp which, by emitting UV-C radiation, destroys 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on the irradiated surface. UV-C light damages the DNA and RNA of pathogens, eliminating their reproductive capability. Thus it achieves fast, convenient, and efficient disinfection. For a perfectly clean floor, free of viruses and bacteria, you can also add a suitable disinfectant to the water tank or directly onto the mop.


Control your vacuum cleaner from anywhere, plan your cleaning

The Czech-language mobile app enables you to control your robotic vacuum cleaner via your phone or tablet, e.g. from your office or car or when you are shopping. You can select various cleaning modes, set vacuuming or mopping levels, or schedule the cleaning for any time. You can also easily control the device using the supplied remote control, or the buttons on its body.


Vacuuming and mopping at the same time

The Salente G4 is equipped with a combined water and dust container that allows full vacuuming and mopping at the same time. The electronically controlled dispenser can be set to 3 mopping levels, so it is also suitable for wooden and parquet floors. If you want to only do the vacuuming, use the 600 ml dust container in combination with the 3 vacuuming levels.


Suitable for all types of floor

The robotic vacuum cleaner automatically detects your type of floor and adapts its performance to fit. After crossing onto carpets, the power is increased for more effective cleaning, and when returning to a tiled or wooden floor, the power returns to its original value.


Able to handle pet hair and clean even hard-to-reach areas

Due to the central TURBO brush with a combination of bristles and rubber blades, the new model is suitable for all types of floors and carpets. It is also able to handle pet hair. A pair of anti-static lateral brushes cleans around furniture, along walls, and other hard-to-reach areas.


Creates virtual walls and has sensors to prevent falls and collisions

The robotic vacuum cleaner package includes a magnetic strip that prevents the vacuum cleaner from entering areas where it should not go. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with sensors to prevent it from falling down steps and colliding with household items.

Three filtration levels with a washable HEPA filter to capture microparticles

The HEPA filter helps capture fine dust, allergenic mites, and animal allergens. It also prevents small particles from escaping back into the air. It is washable and can be used repeatedly.


Sufficient power thanks to the high-capacity battery

The Salente G4 contains a state-of-the-art 2,600 mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery. It does not need formatting. Special protection ensures that the battery will not be overcharged. After it finishes cleaning, the robot will automatically return to the charging station and start charging up.



Parameters and properties of Salente G4:
• premium tempered glass surface protects against scratches
• central TURBO brush and a pair of lateral brushes
• Alexa/Google Home voice control
• Wi-Fi connectivity support
• firmware update via mobile app
• water mopping
• scheduling option for cleaning at set times (deferred cleaning)
• bagless operation
• modern and quiet BLDC motor with a long life-span
• automatic charging at the charging station
• operating time of up to 120 minutes without the need to recharge
• high-capacity 2,600 mAh Li-ion battery
• sensors to protect the vacuum cleaner and furniture
• infrared remote control
• 600 ml dust container
• electronically controlled 2-in-1 300/350 ml water container
• 350 mm diameter
• 80 mm height
• 3.0 kg weight