Salente Ario II, multifunctional pot with hot air oven

  • hot air oven
  • pressure cooking (temperature selection)
  • slow cooking (temperature selection)
  • sous-vide (temperature selection)
  • Resting
  • cooking
  • drying
  • 63 programs
  • buttons and menus in English
  • Inner pot 6l, Teflon surface
  • rich accessories
  • cookbook with recipes
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Category: Multifunctional pots
EAN: 8595683203685
Obj.kód: MHS Ario II EN
Waranty: 24 months

New version of Ario II

After the successful version of the multifunctional pot Ario and Ario+ comes another version with the type designation Ario II. The new version differs from its predecessor Ario+ mainly by the following features

  • Cuco II (without the Friteo II) is compatible with Ario II, by adding the Friteo II to Cuco II, the product Ario II is created
  • Ario II has infinite temperature selection for pressure cooking, sous-vide, sautéing and slow cooking
  • Ario II has 63 programs, Ario+ only 32 (plus sous-vide, canning and drying programs)
  • Ario II has a steam release button on the pressure lid
  • Ario II more modern design
  • 6L Ario II inner pot cannot be used for Ario+


Four cooking modes

Cooking modes vary according to the use of individual lids and programmes. The package of the Salente Ario II multifunctional pot includes three lids: a hot air oven lid, a pressure cooking lid and a glass roasting lid.

hot air
in pressure

Hot Air Oven

The included hot air oven bakes from the top. Thanks to the top heating, you can prepare, for example, a smaller chicken with crispy skin, fries or a pie. You can also use the hot air oven as a supplement after such cooking, for example, just to bake food.


Pressure cooking

With the included stainless steel side dish, you can pressure cook your main course and side dish separately, but in one pot at the same time! The food is ready in a few minutes :-) To cook the side dish at the same time as the main course, you need to choose the composition of the meal so that the cooking time of the main course and the pressure side dish is ideal for both parts of the meal. It is advisable, for example, to use natural red rice as a side dish, which is prepared in pressure cooker for 30 minutes,


Control Panels

The control panel of both the cooker and the hot air oven are in English and are simple and intuitive. In addition to the predefined programs, custom settings for pressure and cooking time can be used. In the case of a hot-air oven, the temperature can also be adjusted.



An attachment kit saves 65 € per year

By cooking the main course in pressure with a side dish in one pot, with an average cooking 3 times a week and the price of energy 0,17 €/kWh, you will save for a year 65 €, The table shows an example cooking beef slices on mushrooms with natural red rice cooked in a conventional way on two hotplates of an electric cooker with an input of 1500 and 2000 W. The table below shows an example of the same dish being cooked in Salente Ario II. When cooking this meal, the difference in electricity cost is 0,44 €and the time saving is 10 minutes. You will save additional money, e.g. when deep-frying. The multifunctional pot is thermally insulated and heats a smaller volume than a conventional oven.

Slow cookingpreparation

The glass lid is suitable for roasting or heating food. Easily prepare the basis for a delicious stew. If you are a lover of slow cooking, the lid turns the pot into a slow cooker that you can use to prepare delicious homemade broth.



Package contents

  • hrnec
  • pressure cover
  • Hot plate
  • Inner container 6 l with Teflon surface
  • Stainless steel container for attachments
  • steaming and frying basket
  • Rack for cooking side dishes and for frying
  • scoopers
  • spoons
  • glass lid
  • deduction
  • condensing container
  • power cable
  • chef
  • instructions

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 35 × 33 × 33 (height with pressure cooker lid) cm
  • Weight: 3.8kg main part of the pot, 0.9kg pressure cooker lid, 2.1kg hot air oven lid
  • Power supply 230 V
  • Stainless steel container 6 l
  • Power 1200 W pot / 1500 W fryer
  • Color: black-stainless

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