Recipe by Petr Stupka for Rolled hunter's roast with rosehip and plum rice


For the main course of our venison menu, Petr will show us how to prepare a roasted roulade of deer back. And we'll have a delicious rosehip sauce to go with it.


Ingredients for Rolled Hunting Roll:
800g deer back
160g bacon
200g mushrooms
4 eggs
bowl of spinach leaves
seasoning for minced meat

Ingredients for Wild Plum Rice:
150g red rice
200g basmati rice
160g rosehip
120g prunes
120g apples

Ingredients for Tyrolean rosehip sauce:
80g onions
300g root vegetables
160g rosehip marmalade
60g mustard
40g butter
300ml broth
160ml sour cream
wild spices