Recipes Blenders

We have put together several delicious recipes for you that are easily and quickly prepared with the Salente Salente Mixi 2L, cooking blender.
Frozen Rosé in a vacuum
Vacuum Smoothie from Petra
Blueberry Jam (Soup)
Butter Chicken (Slow Cook + Grind)
Roast Sirloin in Sour Cream Sauce (Soup + Grind)
Nut Milk (Nut Milk)
Strawberry Shake (Shake)
Forest Fruit Smoothie (Smoothie)
Orange and Pineapple Juice (Juice)
Turkey Soup (Soup)
Chickpea Porridge (Porridge)
Cauliflower and Celery Cream Soup (Cream Soup)
Soy Milk (Soy Milk + Grind)
13 items total

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