SALENTE L6, laser-guided robotic vacuum cleaner (mopping and charging station)

  • 360° laser navigation for cleaning
  • Speaks English
  • Mobile app in English
  • Vacuums and mops at the same time
  • Adapts to floor surfaces
  • Automatic cleaning resume
  • Combined water and dust container
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Zone cleaning
  • TOF sensor
  • Virtual wall
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Category: Advanced navigation
Automatické nabíjení: Ano
Automatické pokračování v úklidu: Ano
Dálkové ovládání: Ano
Doba nabíjení (min): 240
Elektronicky řízená nádoba na vodu: Ano
Hlasová oznámení: CZ/SK/HU/RO/EN
Hlučnost (dB): ≤ 65 dB
Kapacita baterie (mAh): 3 200
Kombinovaná nádoba na vodu a prach 2v1: Ano
Mobilní aplikace: CZ/SK/HU/RO/EN
Navigace: 360° laserová
Objem nádoby 2v1 prach / voda (ml): 300/350
Objem nádoby na prach / na vodu (ml): 600
Omyvatelný HEPA filtr: Ano
Plánovaný úklid: Ano
Překonání překážky (mm): 20
Přizpůsobení povrchu podlahy: Ano
Režimy sacího výkonu / úroveň vody: 3/3
Rozměry (cm): 35 × 10
Sací síla (Pa): 3 300
Senzory proti pádu a nárazu: Ano
TOF senzor (rozlišení skleněných a černých stěn): Ano
Typ motoru: BLDC
Virtuální zeď: Ano
Výdrž baterie (min): 180
Vysává a vytírá zároveň: Ano
Zónový úklid: Ano
EAN: 8595683201957
Obj.kód: ROB RTX-L6
Waranty: 24 months

The Salente L6 mops and vacuums at the same time, and it speaks English

The Salente L6’s state-of-the-art 360° laser navigation ensures this vacuum cleaner perfectly knows its way around and cleans fast. It tells you about everything via voice messages in English, and you can control it from anywhere using the mobile application in English. The combined water and dust container ensures vacuuming and mopping at the same time. An economical and efficient BLDC motor, auto-resume cleaning, and adaptation to different floor surfaces – just some of the Salente L6’s numerous functions that make your life easier.  


Speaks English

The vacuum cleaner informs you of its status with messages in English. It will tell you when it has finished cleaning , when its battery is low;, and more than a hundred other situations. And that is one of the reasons why the Salente L6 is so easy to use.

Mobile app for easy control

The Salente application enables you to use your mobile phone or tablet to remotely control your vacuum cleaner. It informs you of the vacuum cleaner’s current status, allows you to start different cleaning modes, and set vacuuming or mopping levels. The app for Android and iOS is in English. If you are not a fan of mobile applications, you can control your vacuum cleaner using the supplied remote control or buttons on its body.


Voice control

The Salente L6 supports modern voice-control technologies. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and can be controlled by voice. 

Vacuums and mops simultaneously

Salente L6 is equipped with a combined “vacuum and mop” container that allows full vacuuming and mopping at the same time. The vacuum cleaner vacuums and mops in one go, making cleaning even faster and easier. The electronically controlled dispenser can be set to three mopping levels and is therefore also suitable for wooden and parquet floors. If you only want to vacuum, the 600 ml dust container can be used. 

Cleaning without viruses or bacteria

Add a suitable disinfectant to the water tank or directly onto the mop to achieve an even higher level of cleaning.

Three filtration levels with a washable HEPA filter

Three-level filtration with a washable HEPA filter helps capture fine dust, allergenic mites, and animal allergens. It also prevents small particles from escaping back into the air. The HEPA filter is washable and can be used repeatedly. 

Automatic resumption of cleaning

After cleaning has been interrupted, or when battery voltage is low, the vacuum cleaner will pick up where it left off. In this way you avoid re-cleaning already cleaned spaces. Intelligent consumption control ensures that the vacuum cleaner recharges automatically if the battery is low and then resumes cleaning. So no matter how large a room you need to clean, the vacuum cleaner will always have the power it needs.

TOF sensor

The TOF sensor ensures smooth motion alongside walls and furniture. This sensor can recognize glazed or black walls and makes sure the vacuum cleaner keeps a safe distance to prevent damage to furniture or obstacles, while at the same time staying sufficiently close to clean properly. 

Adapting to floor surfaces

The vacuum cleaner automatically detects your type of floor and adapts its performance to fit. After crossing onto carpets, the power is increased for more effective cleaning, and when returning to a tiled or wooden floor, the power returns to its original value.

Detailed cleaning map

The Salente app includes a precise online map of the cleaned area. You can see what has already been cleaned, you can send the robot to clean a specific place, or set the places where it should clean.

Setting up cleaning zones

You can also choose to clean just that part of your apartment that needs doing now. It is also possible to select a zone where the vacuum cleaner will run at maximum power, and do so twice, which is useful for places like your entrance hall. Conversely, you can set up areas into which the vacuum cleaner is not allowed to enter – virtual walls. 

• 360° laser radar, LDS + SLAM algorithm
• speaks Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, and English
• vacuums and mops simultaneously 
• mobile app control in CZ/SK/HU/RO/EN 
• up to ten zones for cleaning settings
• floor surface adaptation
• auto-resume cleaning
• Alexa/Google Home voice control
• three suction power modes
• three levels for wet mopping

• central TURBO brush and a pair of lateral brushes
• sensors to protect the vacuum cleaner and furniture
• TOF sensor for glass and black wall detection
• three-level filtration with washable HEPA filter
• premium tempered glass surface against scratches
• water mopping
• scheduling option for cleaning at set times (deferred cleaning)
• bagless operation
• automatic charging at the charging station
• WiFi connectivity support
• firmware update via mobile app
• modern and quiet Japanese NIDEC BLDC motor with high 46 W power
• high suction power, up to 3,300 Pa
• 600 ml dust container
• electronically controlled 2-in-1 300/350 ml water container
• transition over thresholds up to 20 mm high
•high-capacity, 3,200 mAh Li-ion battery
• infrared remote control
• 350 mm diameter
• 80 mm height (100 mm including laser)
• 3.35 kg weight

Contents of the package

• Salente L6 robotic vacuum cleaner 
• dust container for vacuuming (600 ml)
• 2-in-1 water container
• central TURBO brush
• infrared remote control
• rechargeable base with cable compartment
• 230 V power supply
• replacement HEPA filter
• replacement microfibre mopping cloth
• replacement lateral cleaning brushes, 2 pcs
• cleaning brush
• user manual


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