Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Salente robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to save your time. Using these helpers is highly intuitive. Smart vacuum cleaners can do the vacuum cleaning and mopping for you. And you can spend the spared time with your family. This article will help advise you on what you should look out for when buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.


Key functions and parameters 

  •  Suction power  

Suction power is a crucial parameter affecting the quality of the vacuum cleaning.

  • Height  

When choosing a smart vacuum cleaner, you need to check its height and compare it with the height of the space under your furniture. 

  • Bin capacity

Vacuum cleaner bin capacity usually ranges from 0.3 to 0.9 l. The bin capacity needs to correspond to the size of the cleaned area and expected concentration of dirt. If you have pets moving freely around your home, opt for a larger bin.

  • Vacuum cleaning with random cleaning

The cheapest vacuum cleaners have only one function. They basically just go randomly around the room vacuuming until their battery dies. A robotic vacuum cleaner automatically recognizes a low battery level and goes to the charging station, ending the cleaning. Cheaper vacuum cleaners are suitable if you need to clean just one room. Their drawback is that they are not very fast.

  • Vacuum cleaning or mopping up dirt with a central brush

Not all smart vacuum cleaners can do both, and especially cheaper ones usually do not have the mopping function. More expensive vacuum cleaners have both vacuuming and mopping modes, because they are equipped with a water tank, often combined with a dust bin, and a central brush to collect larger pieces of dirt.

  • Vacuum cleaning and mopping in one go 

Higher category vacuum cleaners can manage vacuum cleaning and mopping at the same time. All thanks to a special water tank for both water and dust. 

  • Gyroscopic, camera or laser navigation

Pricier vacuum cleaners move around the room more efficiently thanks to navigation, which substantially reduces the number of crossings the cleaner makes. Navigation ensures better orientation round the room and saves cleaning time. This allows the vacuum cleaner to cover almost 100% of the cleaning space, automatically recognizing when its job is done and returning to the charging station. The following types of navigation are available: 

Gyroscopic navigation helps the vacuum cleaner recognize how far is has gone in a particular direction and calculate the best way back. Gyroscopic navigation is often supported with a memory that allows the vacuum cleaner to remember the places it has cleaned.

Camera navigation often complements gyroscopic versions for even better area mapping and obstacle recognition.

Laser navigation is the most accurate, allowing the vacuum cleaner to create a virtual map of each room with precise measurements for efficient cleaning. The Salente L7 robotic vacuum cleaner uses laser navigation.

  • Control

There are three ways of controlling your robotic vacuum cleaner. Most smart vacuum cleaners are switched on by pressing a button on their top. You can also use a remote control. Some smart vacuum cleaners come with a compatible mobile app. The more advanced of these allow you to mark out the areas you wish to clean. You can use this function to prevent your vacuum cleaner from coming too close to your cat’s bowl or flower pots.


Drawbacks of robotic vacuum cleaners 

A robotic vacuum cleaner cannot fully replace vacuum cleaning. Among its drawbacks are: Lower suction power, smaller dust bin, difficulty when cleaning narrow spaces and corners. But for everyday cleaning, it can be a welcome helper in your home.


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SALENTE G4 robotic vacuum cleaner (mopping and UVC sterilisation)
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SALENTE L6, laser-guided robotic vacuum cleaner (mopping and charging station)
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SALENTE L7, laser robotic vacuum cleaner (wet wiping and UVC light sanitization)
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