Salente SlimFit, personal diagnostic fitness scale, Bluetooth, white

  • Measure 15 parameters (weight, BMI, % fat, etc.)
  • Storing data history in the application MovingLife
  • Creating clear charts
  • Unlimited number of users in the mobile app
  • Ability to connect with Apple Health and Fitbit
  • Maternal Regimen for Weighing Infants and Toddlers
  • Backlit MagicVision display
  • Slim design (height only 22 mm)
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Category: Personal scales
EAN: 8595683203128
Waranty: 24 months

The smart personal diagnostic scale Salente SlimFit with&nbspconnection to the mobile app via Bluetooth allows you to clearly monitor the development of body weight during sports, dieting and everyday life. The scale measures and then analyses 15 parameters:

              • Weight
              • BMI index
              • Body fat (%)
              • Water in body (%)
              • Skeletal muscle (%)
              • Bone (%)
              • Protein (%)
              • Muscles (%)
              • Visceral fat ratio (visceral organ fat located in the abdominal cavity)
              • Subcutaneous fat
              • LBM value (the difference between total body weight and the amount of fat in the body)
              • Metabolic age
              • Somatotype (Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph)
              • BMR value (basal metabolic rate, or the minimum amount of calories needed to maintain basic life functions such as heart function and breathing)
              • AMR value (active metabolic rate, or the sum of BMR and the amount of calories the body needs for basic movement and activity)

MovingLife Mobile App

With the MovingLife mobile app, which is free and for an unlimited number of users, every user gets a wide range of options:

                  • Save history of measured data
                  • Support for 23 languages (CZ, SK, EN, DE, HU, PL, RO, etc.)
                  • Pair up to 8 mobile devices
                  • Can connect to other apps (Apple Health and Fitbit)

Double AutoOn function

The "Double AutoOn" function helps to ensure maximum comfort, which switches on the scale when entering the weighing area and starts weighing immediately.

Maximum weighing capacity 180 kg

With a maximum weighing capacity of up to 180 kg, this model meets the requirements for almost every user.

Maternal mode for weighing infants and toddlers

The feature that allows weighing of infants and toddlers is a great help for all moms. Just get on the scale without your infant or toddler and then weigh yourself with them. The scale automatically displays only the baby's weight value.



Function "BatterySaver"

This feature significantly saves batteries and automatically shuts down the entire scale after 30 seconds of inactivity.

More than a smart scale

In addition, the scale's intelligent function alerts you, for example, when the battery needs to be replaced or when the maximum weight has been exceeded. Of course, SALENTE batteries are supplied in the package with the product.

4 precision weighing sensors


Complete Specifications:

                • Maternal regime for weighing infants and toddlers
                • Bluetooth connection to mobile phone app (v 4.2)
                • Measurement and analysis of 15 parameters (weight, BMI index, % of fat, muscle, water, etc.)
                • MovingLife mobile app data history storage
                • Supports iOS (Apple) 12.5 and higher and Android 9.0 and higher
                • Support for 23 languages (CZ, SK, EN, DE, HU, PL, RO, etc.)
                • Unlimited number of users in the mobile app
                • Pair up to 8 mobile devices
                • Ability to connect with Apple Health and Fitbit
                • Double AutoOn function (automatic switch on when entering the weighing platform & immediate start of weighing)
                • WeightLock function to lock the weight reading on the display for 10 seconds
                • Splash-proof top with splash-proof design for use in bathrooms (all electronics and weighing sensors are covered with safety glass)
                • Backlit MagicVision display (invisible in standby)
                • Extra large display digits (height 2.1 cm)
                • 5 mm thick high quality tempered safety glass (safely breaks into small pieces when broken)
                • Slim design (height only 22 mm)
                • Automatic fixation of the measured weight on the display for 10 seconds
                • 4 highly sensitive weighing sensors for increased weighing accuracy
                • 4 rubber feet for maximum stability when weighing and to prevent slipping on the floor
                • Compact glass surface for easy and hygienic maintenance
                • BatterySaver (automatic shutdown function after 30 seconds of inactivity)
                • Units in metric or imperial (kg, lb)
                • Perfect indication of exceeding the maximum weighing capacity of the scale (>180 kg)
                • Right indication of battery replacement
                • Power supply: 3x 1.5 V AAA alkaline batteries (included)
                • CE, RoHS certification
                • Dimensions (w × h × h): 28 × 28 × 2.2 cm
                • Weight (without batteries): 1.1 kg
                • Supplied in two colour variants (black and white):
                • SALENTE SlimFit-BK ... black variant
                • SALENTE SlimFit-WH ... white variant


Body fat measurement range

4-75 %

Body fat measurement accuracy


Body water measurement range


Body water measurement accuracy


Scope of muscle tissue measurements


Accuracy of muscle tissue measurement


Scope of bone tissue measurements


Bone tissue measurement accuracy


Accuracy of the calculation of the recommended daily calorie intake (BMR)

1 kcal

Package contents:

                                  • Weight
                                  • Alkaline battery (3x AAA)
                                  • Instructions for use


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