Salente Ario

Salente Ario, 2-in-1 fryer and pressure cooker

Salente Ario multifunctional electric cooker, the cooking solution for the 21st century Prepare your favourite meals healthily, quickly and easily.

Electric pressure cookers provide an easy and healthy cooking technology. Thanks to automated functions, it saves your time and energy in the kitchen. The Salente Ario multifunctional electric cooker with fan oven mode substitutes 11 different devices. It can be used as a baking oven, a pressure/slow/rice/egg cooker, a yogurt maker, food heater, frying/roasting pan, steamer, steriliser or casserole. The oven uses air circulation in the cooker, allowing you to make fries with minimum oil.

You will be pleasantly surprised by its reduced energy consumption (up to 80% saved), which comes from faster and more efficient cooking technology and the possibility to prepare the main course and side dish at the same time. It also takes care of your safety thanks to its GS certification. The Ario multifunctional cooker is equipped with safety features and smart electronics. Since it basically watches itself, you do not need to worry about leaving the pressure cooker unattended. Its seal cover control system allows pressure to accumulate only if the cooker is safely closed. Nor will it let you open the lid before the pressure in the cooker has dropped to the minimum.

The whole Salente Ario device has 18 cooking and 12 baking preset programmes, ready to use at the touch of a button. You can set the cooker manually to any time and baking intensity. The large LCD display with a backlight is easy to read and gives a great overview of the cooking process. All control features are in Czech, including the user manual, and as a gift you get an illustrated cookery book with more than thirty recipes for the pressure cooker and oven. An integrated timer allows you to set a postponed start in intervals from 30 minutes to 24 hours. It is entirely up to you when you want to have your meal ready.

The basic Salente ARIO multifunctional cooker package includes a wide array of accessories that will allow you to enjoy the equipment to its full extent. A glass lid, measuring cup, spoon, stand, frying basket and a steaming stand. Thanks to the supplied stainless steel basket, you can prepare the main course and the side dish at the same time.

Availability and price
The Salente Ario multifunctional cooker is available in e-shops and selected stores. The recommended retail price is CZK 5,190, VAT included.

Technical parameters and specifications:
• 11-in-1: baking oven, pressure/slow/rice/egg cooker, yogurt maker, food heater, frying/roasting pan, steamer, steriliser, and casserole
• Removable and machine-washable inner pot made of quality stainless steel
• Its 6 l volume allows you to prepare a meal for the whole family
• With the stainless steel basket, you can prepare the main course and the side dish at the same time
• 18 easy cooking programmes: Porridge, Soup, Poultry, Yogurt, Eggs, Beans/Chilli, Rice, Pressure cooking, Meat/Casserole, Dessert, Slow cooking, Steam cooking, Roasting, Legumes, Beef, Pork/ribs, Risotto, Vegetables.
• 12 frying and baking programmes
• Postponed start function
• 9 safety features for safe cooking – GS certification
• Large, clear LCD display with a backlight
• Ecological cooking – saves time and money, up to 80% lower energy consumption
• Very easily to control and handle
• Multifunctional – lots of great accessories – glass lid, stainless steel basket, measuring cup, spoon, stand, frying basket, and steaming stand
• Menu, buttons, manual, and a cookery book – all in Czech
• Dimensions: 34 × 32 × 35 cm
• Weight: 6.1 kg
• 230 V
• 6 l stainless steel pot
• Performance 1000 W pot/1500 W oven
• colour design: black-stainless steel

Package includes
• Cooker
• Pressure lid
• Baking oven – lid
• 6 l inner stainless steel pot
• Condensate container
• Measuring cup
• Stainless steel basket
• Hardened glass lid
• Stand
• Frying basket
• Spoon
• Steaming stand
• Cookery book
• Oven stand
• Manual
• Charging cable

Salente Ario, multifunkční hrnec s horkovzdušnou troubou