Salente Ario, multifunctional electric pressure cooker with air fryer

  • Air fryer
  • Pressure cooking
  • Slow cooking
  • Sauteing
  • 32 programs
  • English LCD panel
  • Inner pot 6l stainless steel
  • Big accessories
  • Cookbook with recipes
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Category: Multifunctional pots
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Waranty: 24 months

Three modes using

Salente ARIO brings together three ways of preparing food in one modern appliance. The pot can be used as a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, as well as a multifunctional hot-air fryer. There is a lid for each mode. In one pot you can easily make a beef stew, broth, or golden French fries without using oil!

Salente Ario


Become a member of the FB group Salente ARIO - Recipes - Multifunction Pot, created by Ario+, Cuco+, Ario II and Cuco II users. Get inspired by the posted recipes, get answers to questions you can't find in the manual or product descriptions.


Frying mode

Using the frying attachment turns the multifunctional pot into a fan oven that will help you prepare your favourite meals healthily, without any burnt oil or other fat. It is big enough to roast a small chicken or prepare French fries. If you have a sweet tooth, you can use it to bake a small cake. Bon appétit!

Salente Ario

Main course and side dish cooked simultaneously

The stainless-steel inner pot allows you to cook the main course and the side dish separately in the same pot! You can make a roast with gravy and boiled potatoes for Sunday lunch, placing the potatoes in the basket with water and putting them on the stand, while the meat and gravy go into the inner pot below. The meal will be ready in no time! The pot looks after itself – leaving you more time to spend with your family.

Salente Ario

Homemade bread from the Salente Ario oven

Mix 42 g of compressed yeast, 1 spoonful of sugar, 1 spoonful of flour, and a drop of lukewarm water in a bowl to pre-ferment. Lay aside to proof. In another bowl, mix three cups of all-purpose flour, a teaspoonful of salt and cumin, a spoonful of oil, and a spoonful of vinegar. Add the activated yeast to the mixture along with more water, as required, to knead into a dough. Let it rise for one hour. Grease the inner pot and bake for 35–40 minutes at 170°C. Enjoy your loaf!


A container for side dishes saves €67 per year

Cooking the main course with the side dish in pressure in one pot, with an average cooking three times a week and an electricity price of 0,24€/kWh saves 67,-€ per year, The table shows an example of cooking beef slices on mushrooms with natural red rice cooked in the usual way on two hotplates of an electric cooker with an input of 1600 and 2000 W. The table also gives an example of cooking the same dish in a Salente pot, which saves €0,43 per cooking and reduces the cooking time by 10 minutes. The Salente pot saves additional money when frying. The multifunctional pot is thermally insulated and heats up a smaller volume than a conventional oven.

Slow cooking and preparation

The glass lid is suitable for sautéing and heating up food. You can easily prepare the base for a delicious stew. If you love slow cooking, use the lid to turn your pot into a slow cooker for making amazing home-made broth and other delicious meals.

Salente Ario

Recommended by professionals

Its wide range of uses and possibilities have made the Salente Ario popular among professional chefs. The renowned chef Petr Stupka and many others use Salente multifunctional pots. You can find some of his recipes at

Salente Ario

Key properties of the Salente Ario multifunctional pot

• Pressure cooker and fan oven
• Simple – easy to operate
• Fast – up to 70% faster cooking
• Environmentally friendly – saves up to 80% of energy
• Multifunctional – wide array of accessories
• Healthy – cooking without fat
• Safe – system of safety features

Multifunctional electric pot

Salente Ario gives you several appliances in one pot! Take advantage of over 30 preset cooking programmes and 12 baking programmes.

Inner pot

The 6 l (1.5 gal) inner pot is made of high-quality machine-washable stainless steel. It allows you to make a meal for the whole family (2–6 persons)


A microprocessor and 9 safety features ensure cooking is safe. The pot is GS certified.


The pot comes with a wide array of accessories to make daily cooking easier: a glass lid, stainless-steel basket, measuring cup, spoon, stand, and a frying basket and steaming stand. With the stainless-steel basket you can prepare a side dish to go with your main course in one step!

Easy to operate

Every aspect of the Salente Ario appliance is designed to be easily operated. All control features are also in Czech, as are the instructions for use, and a cookery book with recipes.

• 11-in-1: fan oven for baking, pressure/slow/rice/egg cooker, yogurt maker, food heater, frying/sautéing pan, steamer, steriliser, and a casserole
• Inner pot is removable and made of high-quality stainless steel
• Its 6 l volume (1.5 gal) allows you to cook for your whole family (2–6 persons) and is machine washable
• Thanks to the stainless-steel basket, you can cook the main course together with the side dish in the same pot
• 18 easy cooking functions: Porridge, Soup, Poultry, Yogurt, Eggs, Beans/Chilli, Rice, Pressure Cooking, Meat/Casserole, Dessert, Slow Cooking, Steaming, Sautéing, Legumes, Beef, Pork/Ribs, Risotto, Vegetables.
• More than 30 programmes for effective cooking and 12 programmes for frying and baking
• Postponed start option (up to 24 hours) and pressure setting (high/low)
• 9 safety features for safe cooking – GS certified, microprocessor controlled
• Large and easy-to-read LCD display with backlight
• Environmentally friendly cooking – saves time and money, up to 80% less energy used
• Very easily to look after and operate
Multifunctional with a wide array of accessories: glass lid, stainless-steel basket, measuring cup, spoon, stand, frying basket, and steaming stand
• Menu, push-buttons, instructions, and cookery book also in Czech

Technical specifications:
• Dimensions: 34 × 32 × 35 cm
• Weight: 6.1 kg (13.5 lbs)
• 230 V
• 6 l stainless-steel pot (1.5 gal)
• Power output 1,000 W pot/1,500 W oven
• Colour: black/stainless steel

Package contents:
• Pot
• Pressure lid
• Fan oven – lid
• Inner stainless-steel 6 l pot (1.5 gal)
• Condensate container
• Measuring cup
• Stainless-steel basket
• Hardened-glass lid
• Stand
• Frying basket
• Spoon
• Cookery book
• Instructions
• Power cable (1.3 m)




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ŠŠ Avatar of author pressure 05/01/2021 16:38
Hello, how can I set the pressure manually? Thank you.
S Avatar of author pressure 05/01/2021 16:38
To set pressure to Low/High, press the “Pressure level” button and rotate the metal knob to change the pressure intensity.
EH Avatar of author 05/01/2021 16:36
How can I manually adjust the time setting when pressure cooking?
S Avatar of author 05/01/2021 16:37
For pressure cooking and adjusting the time setting, press the metal knob at the selected programme (e.g. Rice). The time indicator will start to flash, allowing you to change it by turning the metal knob. You can also press “Adjust” and alter the time by turning the metal knob.
HK Avatar of author sauté 05/01/2021 16:33
Hello, can I adjust the time setting for “Sauté”? Thank you.
S Avatar of author sauté 05/01/2021 16:34
The “Sauté” programme does not allow you to adjust the time setting. The time indication 00:30 on the display cannot be changed. You can stop the programme “Sauté” by pressing “Keep warm/Cancel”