Broth with vegetables for the Salente Ario


  • bones (pork, beef, chicken, smoked)
  • root vegetable mix (frozen or fresh)
  • water
  • a pinch of salt
  • spices – bay leaf, whole black pepper, allspice
  • herbs – lovage, parsley


Gradually add the bones, vegetables (washed and peeled, if you are using fresh), spices, herbs and salt (according to taste) to the cooker. Pour in the water. It should not reach higher than 2/3 of the pot’s height. Cover with the pressure lid and set the programme Soup for 15 minutes. Once the broth is ready and cooled, pour it through a sieve. Add cooked root vegetables from the sieve, sliced into small cubes, and the meat you have removed from the bones. Serve hot with cooked noodles.