Multifunctional pots

The Salente brand offers two types of multifunctional cookers. Salente Ario combines an electric pressure cooker, a slow cooker, and even a hot-air fryer in one smart device. It is a revolutionary kitchen tool for the 21st century. Salente Cuco not only replaces your old pressure cooker, as a bonus it allows you to prepare a main course and side dish at the same time, saving you time and money.


Benefits of an electric cooker

  • faster cooking for most dishes
  • saving energy and time thanks to smaller size (compared to a regular oven) and pressure cooking
  • ease of operation – with preset programs, even novice chefs can prepare a delicious meal
  • you can leave the cooker unattended without any worries
  • postponed start function
  • keep cooked food warm function
  • fewer dirty dishes 
  • main course and side dish in one pot 
    • Sautéing
    • pressure cooking
    • fan oven gratin


Salente – innovator among multifunctional cookers 

Salente is currently the only brand offering multifunctional cookers with a side dish container. Even in the pressure cooking mode, you can prepare the main course and side dish at the same time. Other multifunctional cookers allow this only if the main and side dish are mixed together.


Salente Ario

Another innovation is the Salente Ario multifunctional cooker with a fan oven extension.


Salente Ario 


Recipes for Salente multifunctional cookers

We have prepared a series of recipes especially to be used with our products – Salente Ario and Salente Cuco. Not only can they help you prepare easy starters and main courses for weekdays in the Salente multifunctional cooker, but also a three-course menu to surprise your family and friends. Some of the recipes have been created by the renowned chef Petr Stupka.


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